Writing Competition

As part of the Festival, a Writing Competition was organised and submissions invited from adults and school children in the following categories. There was an excellent response and the winners' pieces are linked below. The winning pieces in all categories apart from Drama were read out loud at the closing ceremony by John Waite and Robert Lindsay (for whose support the Festival Committee is very grateful). The Writing Competition was a great success and we hope to repeat it at future Festivals.


Drama Age 15-18

Like a family

Rosanna Vize

Drama Adult

The Gondolier

Ramsay Ross

Prose Age 11-14

Voyage through the darkness

Michael Economou

Prose Adult


Linda McKenna (joint winner)

Prose Adult

Journey out of Paradise

Julia Scott-Wilson (joint winner)

Poetry Age 11-14

Seen in separate ways

Annelies Baneke

Poetry Age 15-18

Come my friend

Thomas Conheeney

Poetry Adult

Voyages and holiday snaps

Ted Giles

CategoriesTitleHighly Commended

Prose Age 11-14


Benedict Hutchings

Poetry Age 11-14

A Journey down the gramophone player

Georgia Cottle

Poetry Adult

Ballad of the lost seaman

Ramsay Ross

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